Friday, 15 July 2011

Sniffle Co.

Hazah! It's the weekend *does the weekend dance* (which is basically a combination of the funky chicken and the running man). I'm really looking forward to a lay in tomorrow morning oh yes. Apparently it's going to hammer it down with rain all weekend, so currently my options are limited, but I'm sure I'll come up with something fun to do.

Today's post is basically me pimpin' again - this time I'm pimpin' jewellery. Oh how I love buying the most kitsch and funky-fun jewellery I can get my dirty mits on. For me it's the accessories that bring an outfit together, so I like to accessorise the crap outta my clothes wherever possible. 

If like me, you also favour the kitschy over the... well... sensible and understated, check out this website...

This collection of fantastic brooches come from Sniffle Co.

Sniffle Co. is an American jewellery website that is bursting with the most spectacular wooden jewellery. If you get a chance, check out their Knuckle Ducking rings and also their Blast Off brooch... there's just so many cool bits and bobs!

So there we have it, funky jewellery for when you're feeling a bit wooden.



  1. Awesome find, I enjoy all things kitch, will check the website out, have a great weekend! xx

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment,
    Great post,super cute and yummy!

    I hope you have a very lovely weekend,look forward to your next post <3

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  4. aw those brooches are sooo cute!!! :) thanks so much for your sweet comment and for following!!! im following your wonderful blog now too :)

  5. hahah this is so funny! its such a nice idea to present the brooches this way! :D i love kitschy stuff like that ;)

  6. What a sweet blog you got here :) I love it :)

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  7. very cute find, i loove wood badges~


  8. naww cute collection! xx opinionslave
    / twitter: @opinionslave