Sunday, 24 July 2011

Home things

Urgh, sooo hungover! Yesterday was spent celebrating a friends birthday, and boy did we celebrate the crap out of it... now I'm feeling a tiny bit delicate! :S 

I've been searching around the web for some new and exciting home-ware websites so I can start stocking up on lovely bits and bobs for my house, yeah I'm not moving in for a long time, but I still want to start hoarding precious things. With that in mind, I've compiled together a collection of nice house stuff and as per usual added the links so you can easily find the website, should you want to have a butchers... I'm so nice to you guys!

1.  Welcome To Our Home Doormat - £18.95
2.  Laura Ashley Home Blocks - £6.75
3.  Made Tripod Side Table - £79
4.  Rob Ryan 4 Season Ceramic Plates - £27.99
5.  Keep Calm and Carry On Picture - £18
6.  H&M Table Runner - £3.99
7.  H&M 2-Pack Textile Bag - £3.99
8.  Sagaform Retro Storage Jar - £21.75
9.  Scrabble Letter Mug - £6.95 each

Oooh I really love those Scrabble mugs, they're so sweet and the perfect gift!



  1. I love blue!!! I would love to use more blue accents in my home decorating. I use a lot of red, black, and white -- like a Campbell's soup can.
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  2. Love the keep calm texts! It's a great way to decorate. The side table and H&M are great items too.


  3. I love this kind of things for decoration!! Cool blog, I have just discovered it and I'm following you. Have a nice week! Kisses,