Sunday, 11 November 2018

I'm back... but not here...

Hey lovely people that still wander over to this blog.

Long time no post, eh!

Well, after aaaaaggggeeeees away from blogging I have decided to return and start again at another location. I took the plunge and have a website with Squarespace here:

So yes, I'm here, if you want to carry on seeing what I'm up to.

It's very early days and I only have a few posts so far, but there will be more and they will cover a variety of different subjects - promise!

Hopefully I'll see you soon, but in the meantime, thank you all for the support you gave me on Blogger, it was so lovely posting on here for everyone :-)

Bye for now x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

House dramas and stocking fillers

Holy smokes what a fortnight... dramas, dramas, dramas. I'm finally taking some time-out to settle into my sofa and write on here - alright peeps, it's been a while.

I'm moving out of my house next weekend, so currently the place looks like a bomb has hit it as I'm packing like a great big packing machine. My other half is out tonight with the lads so that gives me ample girl time to do the following:

  • Go through my entire wardrobe having a clear out - so far I've found quite a few things that I forgot I had previously purchased, it's like having a shopping trip for FREE!
  • Order in pizza and shove it in my face in a manner most unfitting for a lady
  • Play a bit of Batman, before I have to pack away the Xbox
  • Paint my nails and slob around in my Iron Man pjs (oh yes, I really am that cool)
  • Grab a massive bowl of Butterkist, turn off the lights and watch Monty Python under a blanket

I can't believe we're finally on the move, it seems like ages since I posted saying that we had found a house to move into. Unfortunately the build is behind schedule, so while I'm moving out of rented accomodation next weekend, I won't actually be moving into the new house until Jan... so that sucks, but on the flip-side, I get to spend a whole heap of time with my best friend as I'll be moving in with her for the next few weeks, and also, Christmas is on the way - double-fun! :D

Because of the move, I've really had to get my Xmas brain in gear as I am running out of time and pay days to sort out everyone I know before December looms up. With that in mind, my post this week is mainly based around pressie ideas... stocking fillers for the ladies, to be precise... enjoy:

A few cool gift ideas for filling up stockings with... I particularly love the wooden camera brooch, it's fun.

1.  Paul’s Boutique Slippers - £25
2.  Lazy Oaf Card List Card - £2.75
3.  Boygirlparty Owl Graph Memo Pad - £5
4.  Polli Wooden Camera Brooch - $39.95
5.  Paper Plane Coin Purse - £10.99
6.  Tea & Ceremony Happy Badge Party Pack - £12
7.  Suzanne Smith Mixed Bead Bangle - £7
8.  Accessorize Bobble Hat - £12
9.  2x Cupcake Nail Files - £3.75

I hope that's given you some good ideas.


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Winter warmers

I am really not firing on all cylinders today, this is evident by the fact that I just tried to take cheese straws out of the oven without the use of oven gloves... no I have not recently developed super powers to withstand oven temperatures... if I did that would be completely brilliant (I'd be called Flame Girl or Asbestos Woman), I'm just having one of those Bye Bye Brain Days. Oh well, it's nearly the weekend so I only have to deal with one more day in the office!

So, on a different topic - blimey it's all a bit chilly isn't it?! Cripes, I was standing at the station this morning dancing on the spot to keep warm... I am in need of a new coat soon, oh yes! In the meantime I will power on with my current jacket and just warm myself up with a few new purchases. Those purchases will be the main reason that we all abide the Winter months, yes, it's the Winter Trifecta - hats, scarves and gloves! :D

There are so many gloriously bright delights in the shops at the moment, which make me shout 'Hurrah' when I go shopping. I've cobbled together a few of my favourites along with a few other Winter essentials... check out these beauties...

1.  Asos Pieces Huon Knit Mittens - £12
2.  Joules Luxury Scarf - £29.95
3.  Jaeger Hastings Bowling Bag - £299
4.  Louche Striped Snood - £15
5.  Lazy Oaf Burger Hat - £18
6.  Mod Cloth Clip Us Up Scottie Dogs - $7.99
7.  Fat Face Heat Pack - £3
8.  Coloud Star Wars R2-D2 Headphones - £45

Check out that burger hat - it's brilliant. Oh well done Lazy Oaf... well done.

Also, if like me sometimes you want to listen to your music on the move, but it's cold and you want to wear a hat... you can have the best of both worlds by buying those Coloud headphones which completely cover your ears so keep you nice and toasty while chuggin' along to your music - they also look wicked too, which is always a handy addition. :)

Whatever your Winter plans, keep toasty and bundle up, no-one wants to sit next to a Mr/Mrs Sniffles on the train, also if you sneeze on me... I will be forced to have an altercation with you!

Does anyone else like the word snood? Snoooooooooooood! Hahaha... oh good grief... I'm going now. Bye.


Monday, 17 October 2011

Miss Sammie Designs

Yikes, another weekend gone, still... on the bright side, my moving date is getting closer and closer... and then it's CHRISTMAS! Mwahaha!


In other news I went to see The Tempest at the weekend with the Viking. It really was fantastic and I would highly recommend it if you're a fan of Shakespeare's plays - Ralph Fiennes really was mesmerising and Nicholas Lyndhurst was very entertaining. It's in it's final weeks at the Theatre Royal Haymarket so if you want to catch it you need to act fast my friends.

Soooo, to my post for today... it's a bit of pimpage for... Miss Sammie Designs.

Miss Sammie Designs is a fantastic website full of delightfully whimsical cards and home decor bits and bobs. I particularly like the 'Don't Forget' selection of greetings cards, they're vibrant but have a vintage feel about them and are a bit of a bargain at £3 each.

1. Don’t Forget Typewriter Card - £3
2. Don’t Forget Telephone Card - £3
3. Don’t Forget Post Box Card - £3
4. Don’t Forget Envelope Card - £3

You can buy Miss Sammie Designs at

So there we have it, gorgeous cards for the gorgeous people in your life.


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mustard madness

Ooooh it's so close to the weekend, I can nearly touch it! This weeks been really tough, especially seeing as it's my first week back at work after my holiday... I wish I was near a pool... waaah!

Anyhoo, as I'm in a bit of a bad mood I'm cooking bolognaise bake - proper comfort food to put a smile back on my face. I've also been hunting the interwebs for a glorious dress for my dancing night out next Friday. I did have a lovely dress in mind that I'd found on Miss Selfridge before I went on holiday, but it's only gone and sold out... crud. Now I'm on the hunt for something else with a little... sunshine. I've decided to go for yellow as it's such a cheery colour.

While on the search on yellow-related joy, I decided to make it the theme for my post today... introducing all things mustard madness...

Yay, there's so much sunshine up there, it's certainly made me a happy bunny again.

1.   Jolie Moi Tassel Dress - £45
2.   The Contemporary Home Great British Teapot - £65
3.   John Lewis Ice Cream Cushion - £28
4.   Louche Skinny Bonded Leather Belt - £12
5.   Louche Twist Front Headband - £9
6.   Oasis Turnlock Satchel Bag - £22
7.   Joules Vintage Beads - £34.95
8.   Mustard Flower Corsage - £8.50
9.   Breo Spectrum Watch - £12.95
10. Molton Brown Tempest Scented Candle - £36

Now, back to dress hunting...


Monday, 10 October 2011

Holiday snaps

*sigh* first day back at work after 10 days off... it was h-a-r-d! This time last week I was sunning myself on a beach in the gorgeous sunshine, now I'm looking at my tan wondering how long it's going to hang around for... booo!

Anyhoo, to try and put a positive spin on things me and my viking have organised exciting things for the next few weekends to combat the holiday blues - we're going to see The Tempest this Saturday, I'm out with the girls the following weekend on a dancing/drinking session and then it's off to see Matilda the Musical (which I am ridiculously excited about) at the end of the month - Things aren't so bad I suppose. :)

Seeing as I've had a few comments that I don't post photos I've decided to ping up a few of my holiday snaps... you only get to enjoy the back of my head for now, but at some point I'll actually work out how to use my expensive camera and do some time delay shots of outfits and stuff like that - just to keep my followers-a-following.

Ah there you go, oh and I lied, you can also see a picture of me twirling in my twirling skirt... I'm pretty sure that's it's purpose. So there we go - holiday snaps from yours truly... can you tell that I got carried away using Picasa 3 and Picnik? 

Right, I'm off to eat my weight in oranges and catch up on some of the crap telly I've recorded while I've been away - Tough Love here I come! :)


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sock it to me baby

Yikes, things have been a bit quiet here recently, apologies for that... well... not really, I've been on my holidays sunning myself in Portugal and eating vast amounts of piri-piri chicken... so I'm not all that sorry really! Hehe

Anyhoo, I'm back and bloody hell it's cold, I'm thinking that I need to layer it up a bit so I'm starting that layering in the sock department... which I think you'll agree is a fairly snappy place to start...

1. Asos Stripe and Spot Over the Sock - £5
2. Asos Overthe Knee Stripe Metallic Socks - £6
3. Asos Stripe Over the Knee Socks - £5
4. House of Holland for Pretty Polly Green Stripe Socks - £8
5. Falke Colour Block Knee High Socks - £11
6. Asos Bright Argyll Socks - £5

Yay for colourful socks, sadly they'll cover my tanned legs but meh, you can't have it all! :)

I hope you've all been well while I've been away.