Friday, 22 July 2011

Made by White

Yay! My weekend has started early as I've got today off - I'm just lazing around writing, doodling and slow-cooking ribs... mmm... my house smells all ribby. 

Today's post is a pimp for Made by White. It's a recent find for me but their collection of handmade gorgeous jewellery and bits and bobs are just too bloomin' sweet for words. I'm mainly obsessed with their cute and colourful stud earrings but that's not all they do followers, oh no, they have a MASSIVE collection of laser-cut wooden brooches of sheer joy, you have to check them out!

Look at these fab earrings...

Ahhh look at them, they're so sweet, especially the little piggys! :D

1.   Skull X Earrings - $25
2.   Apple Earrings Green - $25
4.   Piggy Earrings Pink - $25

So there we have it, the perfect little gift for yourself or a friend... mainly yourself! :)



  1. omg! i love these earrings! thanks so much for sharing this shop. i'm definitely adding them to my favorites!

  2. really cute!! i'm always drawn to skulls!


  3. Love the skull x earring! Great finding!
    Thanks for following!