Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Dirty cow

*Yawn* what a day.

After yesterday's post boasting about the sunshine I can only say that I clearly jinxed the weather, the heaven's opened on me on the way home and I got absolutely soaked! Boo. It's not all bad though as it gave me an excuse to cook a really beefy stodge-o-rama dinner of bolognese bake. Then I did what I usually reserve for Sunday's and took a really loooong bath - there is something really brilliant about soaking away in a hot tub, particularly when you have an exciting array of toiletries at your disposal... which I do - I have an addiction to all things Soap & Glory, Molton Brown and of course Cowshed.

With that in mind I've chucked a few of my favourite cow-related bath products... why involve cows, I hear you cry? Why not... I'm sure there's a link there somewhere between rain, cows and bath products... if cows lived in houses I'm sure they would have lots of baths... yeah... that'll do.

I love the rubber duck cow... I'm so very confused by it, but I still like it! :)

1.   Cowshed Knackered Cow Bath & Shower Gel - £16
2.   Cowshed Cowlick Gentle Shampoo - £14
3.   Rubber Duck Cow - £3.50
4.   Au Lait Milk Bath Powder - £12.95

Even though I've rambled a bit up there ^ I would still recommend checking out Cowshed if you haven't already, their bath products really are top notch and they're a great gift for any bath lovers that you know.


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  1. I've never heard of these brands before, but now I'm intrigued. :) The rubber duck cow is adorable. Hehe.