Saturday, 12 November 2011

House dramas and stocking fillers

Holy smokes what a fortnight... dramas, dramas, dramas. I'm finally taking some time-out to settle into my sofa and write on here - alright peeps, it's been a while.

I'm moving out of my house next weekend, so currently the place looks like a bomb has hit it as I'm packing like a great big packing machine. My other half is out tonight with the lads so that gives me ample girl time to do the following:

  • Go through my entire wardrobe having a clear out - so far I've found quite a few things that I forgot I had previously purchased, it's like having a shopping trip for FREE!
  • Order in pizza and shove it in my face in a manner most unfitting for a lady
  • Play a bit of Batman, before I have to pack away the Xbox
  • Paint my nails and slob around in my Iron Man pjs (oh yes, I really am that cool)
  • Grab a massive bowl of Butterkist, turn off the lights and watch Monty Python under a blanket

I can't believe we're finally on the move, it seems like ages since I posted saying that we had found a house to move into. Unfortunately the build is behind schedule, so while I'm moving out of rented accomodation next weekend, I won't actually be moving into the new house until Jan... so that sucks, but on the flip-side, I get to spend a whole heap of time with my best friend as I'll be moving in with her for the next few weeks, and also, Christmas is on the way - double-fun! :D

Because of the move, I've really had to get my Xmas brain in gear as I am running out of time and pay days to sort out everyone I know before December looms up. With that in mind, my post this week is mainly based around pressie ideas... stocking fillers for the ladies, to be precise... enjoy:

A few cool gift ideas for filling up stockings with... I particularly love the wooden camera brooch, it's fun.

1.  Paul’s Boutique Slippers - £25
2.  Lazy Oaf Card List Card - £2.75
3.  Boygirlparty Owl Graph Memo Pad - £5
4.  Polli Wooden Camera Brooch - $39.95
5.  Paper Plane Coin Purse - £10.99
6.  Tea & Ceremony Happy Badge Party Pack - £12
7.  Suzanne Smith Mixed Bead Bangle - £7
8.  Accessorize Bobble Hat - £12
9.  2x Cupcake Nail Files - £3.75

I hope that's given you some good ideas.



  1. Lovely ideas!!!!/MandyCrandell

  2. Jeeze, I haven't seen Monty Python for years! Need to change this asap.Good luck with the move, exciting times (:

  3. What's butterkist?
    Delicious, I hope.

  4. The badges and the owl memo card are so cute! You always create the cutest little gift collages. Sorry for the serious lack of blog commenting lately, and I hope the house move goes ok! xxx

  5. The shoes are so wonderful!
    I'm your follower, we could follow each other :)
    If u can, visit:
    See ya!

  6. i'm about to move too! come back to blogging soon :)