Monday, 26 September 2011

Coach please

Wowzer, what a great weekend. I had such a brilliant time with my sister on Saturday, running around London buying precious things and generally stuffing my face like a monster. I pranced around in my tartan dress and received no less than 8 nice comments about it, which made me feel highly fancy I don't mind telling you. I drank plenty of champagne and suffered for it on Sunday, hence the radio silence... but I'm here now and I'm alive and kicking and ready to post about my weekend find - Coach.

Coach have been going for 70 years and are a bloomin' massive supplier of beautiful handbags and stunning accessories. I've been out of the loop and not realised their existence until Saturday when we visited their sparkling new store on New Bond Street. I tell you what, I have never had a more enjoyable shopping experience in my life - the staff were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, they knew when you leave you to your own devices and when to step in without you feeling like a sales pitch was looming. I brought a gorgeous purple scarf to go with my Lulu Guinness purple romilly bag and generally swanned around feeling like a queen.

If you happen to be hanging around New Bond Street any time soon, I would highly recommend a visit, my little Londonites. There is also a store in the Westfield in Shepherds Bush, if you're more into your department store shopping. If you're reading this in America - you've got plenty of stores to visit and I am highly jealous of this! Haha

I've picked a few bits and bobs off the Coach website which I think best show off what they have to offer, check 'em out:

Ooooh it's all so fab, I want it all! Mwahaha I've already planned another trip to the store after next months pay day for jewellery - hehe dangerous I know!

Anyhoo, I hope you're all well and I hope your working weeks zip along quickly so we can all get to Friday again and have great weekends.


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Time to sparkle...

Middle... of... the... week... I'd managed to convince myself today was Thursday, then had a tiny breakdown when I realised it was, in fact, Wednesday... boooo! This week is really d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g, going out last night to watch Arsenal play Shrewsbury Town didn't really help... at least the gooners won though! :)

Anyhoo, I am very excited about this weekend, mainly because I get to go shopping all day with my gorgeous sister, have lunch at Fortnum's and then champagne in the evening somewhere fancy - yah. I have ordered a stunning tartan dress from Asos to wear on Saturday and I'm in the process of breaking in my red suede wedges... they pinch man, they pinch! :S

Seeing as I'm in need of some sparkle to get me through the rest of the working week I decided to make that the theme of my post and find as many blingin' things as possible to cram together in a collection... shield your eyes from the spangle...

Ooooh it's all so glitzy! I especially love those Miu Miu shoes, they're so pretty and girly.


Monday, 19 September 2011

Fossil finds

*Yawn* what a loooonnnng day it's been, I'm knackered and it's only Monday! :S

I've been spending all of my time at the moment looking for a great present for my sister's 30th birthday which is coming up soon. I've been looking all over for something lovely and I've basically decided on Fossil stuff. They have a gorgeous selection of jewellery and bags and I can't stop browsing their website.

Check out these beautiful bags... oh they're all so nice...

I particularly love the leopard print tech case! :)


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Childhood nostalgia and stationary

I had a brilliant time last night with my best friend - we decided to have an 80's/90's childhood nostalgia night so we watched dodgy 80's/90's films, wore our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PJs and ate turkey dinosaurs and lots of sweets - there is no real explanation for this other than we're strange and out of money! Haha

Now I'm sitting on my sofa watching Saturday Kitchen and waiting the return of the other half from his 'Boys Night'. While he's not here I'm having a crafty time, doodling and wishing I had things to stamp... I suppose that would go some way to explaining my picks for today...

1. Rosalind Howard Bespoke Stationary Pack of 8 Thank You Notelets - £5.25
2. Skull & Cross Buns Pair of Mini Moustache Rubber Stamps - £5.50
3. Skull & Cross Buns Yarn & Needles Rubber Stamps - £6.50
4. Gooseberrymoon Pack of Four Russian Doll Notecards - £5

All of these lovely bits are from and are wicked...
...especially the moustache stamp... I want it! :)


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Cheese on toast

I'm having one of those days where I've just got food on the brain. I mainly blame the large mocha frappuccino I had about an hour ago, it's made me a tad wired, and when I'm wired I want FOOD!

Seriously this is insane, I'm sitting here flicking through the pages of the new In Style magazine, not bothering to read any of the articles, I'm just skipping the pages thinking about pies. Sod London Fashion Week I want cheese on toast.



Tuesday, 13 September 2011

grey day

left work today feeling like a black cloud was following me... then I looked up and realised that one was. I managed to get all the way home without getting rained on and then the second I shut my front door the heavens opened - result. It's most unusual for me to miss getting rained on, especially when my umbrella has decided to eat itself, I must be very lucky indeed.

So, as it's a grey day I've found my post theme - grey babah.

1.  Gilly Hicks Sleep Shorts - £12 These shorts are so cute, I would wear them all the time!
2.  Waldo Pancake 1970s Style Laptop Notebook - £7.50 Gotta love Waldo Pancake
3.  Joy Pompom Scarf - £12.00 £3.60 Can't believe this scarf is in the sale - pompoms!
4.  Topshop Khol in Slate - £4 I'm quite the fan of Topshops make up range
5.  Topshop Spiky Leaf Stretch Bracelet - £14 I must have this bracelet, it's so different
6.  Jane Hornsby Hugs & Kisses Cushion - £65 I love this and I'm not a cushion person
7.  Solitaire Vintage Plate Place Mat - £6.50 These would be so sweet on a dinner table
8.  Accessorize Panda Boot Cuffs - £10 Ahhhhh pandas, what more can I say!

Oooh it's all so lovely. See even grey clouds have silver linings! :)


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hollister for menfolk

Hurrah it's Saturday, it's 1.00pm and I'm still in my pjs - have you guessed that I'm having a lazy day.

Last weekend one of my friends was talking to me about my blog... well... he was telling me off about my blog and I was listening intently while consuming alcohol and burgers. His issue was that I post nice things, but haven't posted anything which would interest manly men so this post is basically to shut him up... hold onto your hats, it's menfolk time!

One of my favourite brands at the moment is Hollister. Not only do they make really high quality beach bum-style items, but their prices are really competitive and they have a massive collection to search through. I've brought my hubby a few bits and bobs from them recently and he is now a really big fan too... see endorsed by menfolk.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the Hollister website:

So there we go... stuff... for men. Nik, I'll make this a regular occurrence - happy now! :)


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bits and bobs

Hazah, middle of the week! I'm in on my own tonight catching up on Snog, Marry, Avoid (which is a proper guilty pleasure of mine) and waiting for my mac and cheese bake to be ready from the oven - yum.

So, I've been looking around the web for lovely things and have found quite a few. There didn't seem to be much of a theme emerging so I basically plonked my findings under the title of 'bits and bobs', it's suitably vague and covers all of the following stuff...

Oooh I really do lovely everything above, but if I had to pick a favourite... hmmm... I'd probably go for the dress, it's so pretty and girly and the colour is just perfect.

5.   Scotch Nail Polish - £13.50
8.   Miss KG Sophie Shoes - £55

Now you know you want to go and buy one of those macaroon rings! :)


Monday, 5 September 2011

Nancy & Betty studio

Urgh, I'm back at work after a week off... makes you wonder what it must be like to be a lady of leisure... it's a pretty freakin' sweet deal if you ask me.

So, it's pimpin' Monday, and I'm pimpin' Nancy & Betty Studio.

Nancy & Betty Studio is an amazing website jam-packed with fun and quirky stationary. All of their fab-a-roo items are covered in bright and bold graphics including polaroid cameras, typewriters and other lovely retro goodies.

Not only do they do funky cards, but they also have a brilliant collection of badges, notebooks, postcards, wrapping papers and gift tags - they really have thought of everything.

Have a butchers...

1. Red Phone Box Card - £2.55

They really are bitchin' designs and I suggest that you check 'em out.


Friday, 2 September 2011

Orla Kiely new items

Yikes my hands smell of lime! :S I've been cooking up a storm today in preparation for my BBQ that I'm having tomorrow at my house. I've made a chili lime rice dish, a spicy BBQ bacon pasta dish, a spinach and pesto pasta dish and I've marinaded soooo much chicken it's loco... I am suitably excited! :)

Now I'm chilling out on my sofa after a busy evening and I've been doing what I do best... Googling. I got an email from Orla Kiely letting me know that they have new stock... and boy, it's purdy... I have fallen in love with a coat 'it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine'...

Check out that beautiful coat... oh I really must have it in my life and have already started a savings fund. :)

Have you been looking at Orla Kiely's new items as well, do you have any favourites?