Monday, 18 July 2011

Let's get moving

Sooo what did you all get up to this weekend? I brought a house, which is quite mental. Want to know the even more mental part... I've brought a house which doesn't exist yet... but I've been assured that come November it'll be... visible - I hope that happens. So yeah, it's a bit nuts, but I'm very excited at the idea of having a shiny new place that I can call my own and also this means that I can spend some of my time searching for glorious things to fill my new house with - yay!

This weekend my life seems to be all about travel - the house I'll be moving to is a bit of a trek back to East London, so my entire weekend has been train journeys back and forth doing viewings and sorting out paperwork. Also this afternoon I booked my flights to Portugal for my holiday in September, so that's exciting too. With all that in mind I've got travel on the brain, so can you guess what my post today is about...

1.   Cosas Minimas The Voyageur Print - £20
2.   Disaster Designs With Love Wallet - £26
3.   16p Stamp Rug Pink - £695
4.   This is Pretty Vintage Overnight Bag - £64
5.   Sukie Travel Journal - £9.50
6.   Travel Card Retro Wallet - £1
7.   Sent With Love Stamp Mug - £9.95
8.   She Draws Envelope Earrings - £6
9.   Custom Made Key to My Love Necklace - £20

Yay, travel stuff. I love the stamp rug, but it's a bit expensive-oh for me, cute though! :)



  1. congrats on the house, sounds exciting!! x

  2. Yay! congrats of the house! I know what it feels like!

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog..and for your humble following..congrats for your new house :)*Best Wishes*
    I shall be happy following u back!! Pls do visit me again!!

  4. yay congrats on buying a house!!! :)

  5. congrats on buying a house! hope evrything goes well. : please follow