Saturday, 30 July 2011

Purple haze

Yay! It's Saturday, the working week is finally done and now it's fun in the sun time... yes it's actually sunny, on a Saturday - I can't believe it either. I am really looking forward to going around a friends today for a MASSIVE BBQ - I can't bloomin' wait, I've been dreaming of barbecues for weeks!

My post for today is colour specific, specific to PURPLE. Ooooh how I love purple. My wardrobe basically consists of blue and purple clothes, I'm not sure why, it must be something to do with how my brain is programmed - whenever I'm shopping I always hone in on blue, purple, stripes, polka dots and skull-related clothes, it's just the way I shop! Haha. With that in mind, here are a few beautiful picks that are full of purple joy:

Hahaha I love that Brain hat, it's certainly on my list of Autumn/Winter purchases, I love my bobble hats, and this one has a BRAIN ON IT... win!

1.   Closet Purple Contrast Hem Dress - £45
2.   Folklore Two-Tier Cake Stand - £28.95
3.   The Design Conspiracy Grape Soda Print - £45
4.   Rimmel London 60 Second Nail Varnish - £3.69
5.   Hayley & Lucas Wish You Were Here Postcards - £7
6.   Heals Johnny Egg Flocked Word Peace Purple - £40
7.   Lazy Oaf Brain Hat - £15
8.   Soap Tin Collection Lavender Soap - £4.96




  1. Love this post, purple is such a nice color! Nice blog, would you like to follow each other? x

  2. I recently commented on another blog that I am loving purple right now, so enjoyed this post! Love the nail varnish & the dress.

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  3. great post! <3
    purple is a lovely color! :)
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  4. Firstly, Very Creative Blog Title LOL! And I Love The Color Purple When It Comes To Fashion. It's One Of Those Colors That Compliments Every Skin Tone!

    Love These Mood Boards You Create...Would You Be Interested In Being Featured on My Blog?

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  6. so lovely :)

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  7. Wow! that purple dress is sooo amazing! Love it!

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