Monday, 26 September 2011

Coach please

Wowzer, what a great weekend. I had such a brilliant time with my sister on Saturday, running around London buying precious things and generally stuffing my face like a monster. I pranced around in my tartan dress and received no less than 8 nice comments about it, which made me feel highly fancy I don't mind telling you. I drank plenty of champagne and suffered for it on Sunday, hence the radio silence... but I'm here now and I'm alive and kicking and ready to post about my weekend find - Coach.

Coach have been going for 70 years and are a bloomin' massive supplier of beautiful handbags and stunning accessories. I've been out of the loop and not realised their existence until Saturday when we visited their sparkling new store on New Bond Street. I tell you what, I have never had a more enjoyable shopping experience in my life - the staff were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, they knew when you leave you to your own devices and when to step in without you feeling like a sales pitch was looming. I brought a gorgeous purple scarf to go with my Lulu Guinness purple romilly bag and generally swanned around feeling like a queen.

If you happen to be hanging around New Bond Street any time soon, I would highly recommend a visit, my little Londonites. There is also a store in the Westfield in Shepherds Bush, if you're more into your department store shopping. If you're reading this in America - you've got plenty of stores to visit and I am highly jealous of this! Haha

I've picked a few bits and bobs off the Coach website which I think best show off what they have to offer, check 'em out:

Ooooh it's all so fab, I want it all! Mwahaha I've already planned another trip to the store after next months pay day for jewellery - hehe dangerous I know!

Anyhoo, I hope you're all well and I hope your working weeks zip along quickly so we can all get to Friday again and have great weekends.



  1. i love coach leather and style. glad you had a fun weekend!

  2. coach is very classic, and i'm so glad that they have modern takes on their traditional bags now! i especially love the poppy line--it's so girlie and youthful! ^_^

  3. I actually love visiting Coach stores - there's something about it that's so clean and chic. SO marvelous!

  4. I'm so into brown leather right now, and these are beautiful!!


  5. cool!

    xoxo from rome