Monday, 17 October 2011

Miss Sammie Designs

Yikes, another weekend gone, still... on the bright side, my moving date is getting closer and closer... and then it's CHRISTMAS! Mwahaha!


In other news I went to see The Tempest at the weekend with the Viking. It really was fantastic and I would highly recommend it if you're a fan of Shakespeare's plays - Ralph Fiennes really was mesmerising and Nicholas Lyndhurst was very entertaining. It's in it's final weeks at the Theatre Royal Haymarket so if you want to catch it you need to act fast my friends.

Soooo, to my post for today... it's a bit of pimpage for... Miss Sammie Designs.

Miss Sammie Designs is a fantastic website full of delightfully whimsical cards and home decor bits and bobs. I particularly like the 'Don't Forget' selection of greetings cards, they're vibrant but have a vintage feel about them and are a bit of a bargain at £3 each.

1. Don’t Forget Typewriter Card - £3
2. Don’t Forget Telephone Card - £3
3. Don’t Forget Post Box Card - £3
4. Don’t Forget Envelope Card - £3

You can buy Miss Sammie Designs at

So there we have it, gorgeous cards for the gorgeous people in your life.



  1. You saw Ralph Fiennes live!? I'm so jealous! ; )
    The cards are so adorable ... Love them!

  2. Ralph Fieness?! Oh, lucky, lucky girl!
    I so WOULD, receding hairline or not!

  3. the envelopes hanging on the clothing line is so cute! So amazing you saw Ralph Fienne, your really get a great idea of how talented an actor is when you see him on stage

  4. These are so, so cute! I love the one of the post box (:

  5. Wish they had such great shows on in my local theatres : ) Those cards are great, thanks for sharing!