Thursday, 27 October 2011

Winter warmers

I am really not firing on all cylinders today, this is evident by the fact that I just tried to take cheese straws out of the oven without the use of oven gloves... no I have not recently developed super powers to withstand oven temperatures... if I did that would be completely brilliant (I'd be called Flame Girl or Asbestos Woman), I'm just having one of those Bye Bye Brain Days. Oh well, it's nearly the weekend so I only have to deal with one more day in the office!

So, on a different topic - blimey it's all a bit chilly isn't it?! Cripes, I was standing at the station this morning dancing on the spot to keep warm... I am in need of a new coat soon, oh yes! In the meantime I will power on with my current jacket and just warm myself up with a few new purchases. Those purchases will be the main reason that we all abide the Winter months, yes, it's the Winter Trifecta - hats, scarves and gloves! :D

There are so many gloriously bright delights in the shops at the moment, which make me shout 'Hurrah' when I go shopping. I've cobbled together a few of my favourites along with a few other Winter essentials... check out these beauties...

1.  Asos Pieces Huon Knit Mittens - £12
2.  Joules Luxury Scarf - £29.95
3.  Jaeger Hastings Bowling Bag - £299
4.  Louche Striped Snood - £15
5.  Lazy Oaf Burger Hat - £18
6.  Mod Cloth Clip Us Up Scottie Dogs - $7.99
7.  Fat Face Heat Pack - £3
8.  Coloud Star Wars R2-D2 Headphones - £45

Check out that burger hat - it's brilliant. Oh well done Lazy Oaf... well done.

Also, if like me sometimes you want to listen to your music on the move, but it's cold and you want to wear a hat... you can have the best of both worlds by buying those Coloud headphones which completely cover your ears so keep you nice and toasty while chuggin' along to your music - they also look wicked too, which is always a handy addition. :)

Whatever your Winter plans, keep toasty and bundle up, no-one wants to sit next to a Mr/Mrs Sniffles on the train, also if you sneeze on me... I will be forced to have an altercation with you!

Does anyone else like the word snood? Snoooooooooooood! Hahaha... oh good grief... I'm going now. Bye.



  1. Nice mustard scarf. & the hat is just too cute :)

  2. Ouch, nothing worse than burnt fingers from the oven...
    I like the colours you chose here, and that Jaeger bag is gorgeous! What kind of coat you thinking of getting? I got a massive parka for this season and it's divine, so warm!!!
    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog : )


  3. I love winter accessories. They are super cute, and they keep you warm -- which is a total necessity!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Adorable picks and I'm swooning over that orange bowling bag! That would warm anyone up! Have a lovely weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. That hat IS brilliant! Haha!!/MandyCrandell

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  7. Big headphones really are a great option if you don't want to wear earmuffs! I'm not ready for the winter AT ALL, but seeing cute cold weather wear makes a pinch easier.

    Kara of Fancy That Vintage

  8. I do hope you're well!

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  9. I like this winter bag,good job!

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