Monday, 10 October 2011

Holiday snaps

*sigh* first day back at work after 10 days off... it was h-a-r-d! This time last week I was sunning myself on a beach in the gorgeous sunshine, now I'm looking at my tan wondering how long it's going to hang around for... booo!

Anyhoo, to try and put a positive spin on things me and my viking have organised exciting things for the next few weekends to combat the holiday blues - we're going to see The Tempest this Saturday, I'm out with the girls the following weekend on a dancing/drinking session and then it's off to see Matilda the Musical (which I am ridiculously excited about) at the end of the month - Things aren't so bad I suppose. :)

Seeing as I've had a few comments that I don't post photos I've decided to ping up a few of my holiday snaps... you only get to enjoy the back of my head for now, but at some point I'll actually work out how to use my expensive camera and do some time delay shots of outfits and stuff like that - just to keep my followers-a-following.

Ah there you go, oh and I lied, you can also see a picture of me twirling in my twirling skirt... I'm pretty sure that's it's purpose. So there we go - holiday snaps from yours truly... can you tell that I got carried away using Picasa 3 and Picnik? 

Right, I'm off to eat my weight in oranges and catch up on some of the crap telly I've recorded while I've been away - Tough Love here I come! :)



  1. glad you had fun!

  2. lovely photos!x

  3. Love your photos! I just got back from a trip too!!/MandyCrandell

  4. Oh, fun!! This makes me miss summer vacation.
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  5. lovely ! I like your blog !