Saturday, 13 August 2011

Retro home

What a start to my weekend - a massive snooze in bed, enough toast to sink a battleship, still in my pjs and full control of the remote... Scuzz music channel, Rage Against the Machine... yes please.

Apologies for being a tad quiet this week with my posts, given all the stupidity that has been going on in London and up and down the country, I haven't really felt in a good enough mood to say anything, also I fear that if I did post it would have been a massive ranting mess so I figured best to just leave things until everything calmed down a bit.

I hope you're all well and to anyone reading this in the UK I hope all your friends and family are safe and weren't caught up in the riots.

So, to nice things.

I have been back on the home-wares search recently as it's getting closer to the completion date for my house, so I figure it's a good time for me to start stock-piling precious things... any excuse to shop! Haha

Here are a few of my favourite finds which all have a bit of a retro feel, with a modern twist...

Ooooh I love that Fight Club poster and will certainly be picking it up for my new house, along with the new Orla Kiely Evoke Radio... it's just too bloomin' cute not to buy it! :)

1.  Orla Kiely EVOKE Mia Radio - £150
2.  I Love Retro Fight Club  Art Print - £24.95
3.  Made Odin x 2 Chairs - £99
4.  LSA Lucie Wine Glass Range - £10.50
5.  Wild & Wolf Cream Princess Telephone - £37.95
6.  Cotswold Wall Clock, Aqua - £40
7.  Diptyque Scented Candles - £38

I hope you all have super weekends whatever you get up to! 



  1. So cute! ;)

  2. sleeping in.. yes please. cute blog! xx opinionslave
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  3. great collage that you put together! and very cool 'fight club' poster. i loved that movie.

  4. Adorable! Love the phone :)