Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Kiss me zombie

Oooh middle of the week, can't wait until Friday for fun times! My hubby is having a charity fundraiser to raise some money for Help for Heroes as he's about to embark on a 450 mile cycling trip to Scotland. He's going to be cycling to the three peaks and then, as if that's not mad enough, he's going to climb each of the bastards - oh yes, he really is that mental! You might be thinking, are you doing this with him? Hahahaha nooooooo! I am far too lazy for that, also I've already made plans to get well and truly slippered while he's away, so that'll be fun! :)

So, to my post for today - it's a little bit of pimpage for Kiss Me Zombie.

Kiss Me Zombie have an amazing collection of vintage and shiny new kitsch jewellery, I can't help but visit their website and mentally buy out the entire online shop. The best thing about their jewellery, only a few of each item are made so you know that what you're getting is a truly limited edition piece of eclectic joy. Their prices are incredibly reasonable and they ship really quickly too!

Check out some of my favourite bits and bobs they have on offer:

Ooooh it's all so pretty. I especially love the 8 ball necklace, it's bursting with kitschy loveliness!

So there we go, if you've got a few mins spare, check out their website and charge yourself something pretty or buy a fab gift for someone special.



  1. very cute accs first time on your blog very inspirational :)


    fashion provocateur

  2. another great board! and your feature is now posted!
    Thanks so much again!

  3. Cute stuff!

  4. lovely :)

  5. i just found your blog and i love it! :)

  6. oh i love whole things! cute <3
    anyway check mine sweety ;)

  7. definately a great collection

  8. I love these little baubles. Great finds. I'll definitely have to check that shop out! 

    Your blog is adorable and one of my new faves! Definitely following :) Would love for you to stop by mine too, and follow if you like! Excited to be bloggy friends!

    Along Abbey Road

  9. gorgeous pieces, I love the last two sweet!! xx