Monday, 22 August 2011


You all know how I love a good pimpin' post, well consider this my ultimate pimpin' post. Once you've found out about this website, gifts will never be the same again... *ahem* introducing - Biscuiteers.

I always have something to celebrate - I have a fantastic family and gorgeous group of friends, they're all amazing people. Because I've made a point of keeping only those close to me that are truly terrific I feel that they all deserve a treat every now and then, just to say 'hey you know what, you're pretty great'. I used to send flowers or retro sweets... but now... now I have a new favourite gift - BISCUITS!

Now I know what you're thinking... biscuits, like tea and biscuits!? Booor-ing... but no my friends they're not just biscuits, they're AMAZING BISCUITS!

Check out these bad boys...

1.   Cooks Tin - £37.50
2.   Sewing Kit Tin - £38.50
3.   Tea for Two Tin - £37.50

Ahhhh they're so lovely. I know you might be looking at the price and thinking 'cowabunga' that's a bit pricey, but you really are getting a lot for your money - 16 nommy biscuits (in the bigger tins), painstakingly decorated to within an inch of their lives and with literally 100s of themes and options you can get a gift for any occasion. Also I've mainly highlighted the more expensive tins but they do fab little 'biscuit cards' as well which are a bargain and the perfect way to say a quick thanks, but in a fun and different way. But I've still not mentioned the best bit... they are bloody tasty. I've brought about 4 different batches for people now and everyone has said the exact same thing 'these are the best biscuits I have ever eaten' - boom-babah! :)

Really when you think about it they're no more expensive than a bunch of flowers and remember, flowers die man, whereas you may shove all these biscuits in your face within a day, but the gorgeous tin that they come in will last forever! 

So there we go, stuck for an idea for a mates birthday, want to say congrats to someone that's just aced their exams, want to feed up a friend who's just popped out a baby... go forth... become a Biscuiteer!

Also please tell me if you do happen to order any, I'd be interested to know what you think! :)



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  3. love it :)

  4. They are so beautiful that I think I couldn't eat them

  5. What a brilliant idea! I was so impressed with this I posted the link on Facebook. I love quirky, innovative ideas like this so I'll definitely be ordering some in the future. xxx

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for introducing me to these! If I had the money, I'd order all of them.

  7. They are totally adorable. I really appreciate good packaging and presentation in a food product.